Mar 232015

Your Village Needs You!

Councillors Needed for Scredington Parish Council

What is happening to the current Parish Councillors?

As you are no doubt aware there are elections coming up in May, and this includes elections for Parish Councillors. It may be that existing Councillors will not continue in their roles after the election. If that were to be the case, unless new candidates come forward to replace them, then there is a great danger that Scredington’s Parish Council will disappear altogether. This would mean the we as a village would lose our direct voice to the District Council, and upwards to the County Council. That is not a good position to be in bearing in mind the size of our village.

What does the Parish Council Do?

Most of the powers held by Parish Councils are discretionary, so it may do something, rather than it must do something. Parish Councils have the right to ask for money from the District Council. This is known as the parish precept and is collected as part of the council tax for that area. Parish Councils may be responsible for services such as Litter Picking, Dog Control, Bus Shelters, Cemeteries, Allotments, Public Toilets, Playing Fields, Village Halls and War Memorials. These councils are obliged to organise at least one parish meeting each year (We hold 4 in Scredington) which all electors may attend and raise issues of concern.

Why should I consider standing as Parish Councillor?

The population and residents of the village have changed over the recent past. This has resulted in, arguably the current make-up of the village not being reflected in that of the Council. It is possible that people reading this might feel that the Parish Council does not reflect or act on their behalf. If you feel that, then now would be a good time to stand for election. You would be able represent your age group, neighbours and friends within the village and make a difference on the Council to benefit the village.

Standing for election to the Parish Council now is a great time to get involved, start to do something positive, and ensure your voice and that of your friends and neighbours is heard.

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