May 072014
Scredington Recipe Book

Scredington Recipe Book

Do you have a favourite recipe?

Maybe something handed down to you from a family member?

A popular dish that always goes down well with everyone who tries it?

Best way to use up all that glut of home-grown produce in the summer?

Something you’ve created yourself, or have made for years and years?

It might be a nice idea to collect together the Village’s favourite recipes and putting them together into a “Scredington Recipe Book” – we know there are a lot of bakers, chefs, cooks and foodies around! Why not write up your recipe, and we can collate them all together for the book – and then perhaps we can have a Recipe Evening, where everyone who has submitted a recipe bakes up the dish and we can all gather together and try them out!

Let us know what you think – and start working on your recipes 🙂