Scredington Community Defibrillator


Some of you may have noticed a bright yellow cabinet at the top of the community centre car park? Finally, our community AED (Automated External Defibrillator) is now operational. It has been registered with the East Midlands Ambulance Service so they are aware of its presence. You can find out more information about defibrillators on the Resuscitation Council (UK)’s website here.

The cabinet has a coded lock and the ambulance service will provide this to a caller if necessary. The cabinet is locked to prevent theft or vandalism.


In the event of you suspecting someone in your presence is experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest, you MUST ALWAYS DIAL 999 first, and await the ambulance service advice.

When dialling 999, the operator will advise the caller if it is necessary or appropriate for the AED to be deployed. It is of course personal choice whether, you as a caller, feel confident to use it should they advise you to do so. The AED is fully automated with sophisticated electronics to measure the patients’ heart rate and rhythm. Once the lid of the AED is opened there are voice prompts at each stage.   The AED will only shock the patient if it recognises their heart is in cardiac arrest. In terms of accountability when an individual uses an AED, technically a patient is dead when in cardiac arrest, therefore, you would not be held responsible should you not be successful in bringing a patient back to ‘life’.

In his memory, the AED is dedicated to our former Parish Council Chairman, John Draper Adshead. A plaque to this effect will be mounted on the wall inside the community centre.

I would like to thank the residents of Northbeck and Scredington, the Adshead family & their friends for their generous donations, and my fellow Parish Councillors for their support in making this project possible.

Karen Sweeney (Resident & Parish Councillor)

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