Jun 172014

Here are some memories of Scredington in days gone by, from former village resident Jack Speight:

We originally lived in the ‘row’ – which was 2 doors down from the shop. My brother Ernest (‘Pippin’) died there and is buried in the churchyard just against the gate. We then moved to No.3 Station Road and I left there to join the Airforce in November 1956.

I got married in 1959 & moved my wife into Church Lane – 5 doors up from the church hall! 18 months later we moved into the first council house in Station Road, and when we were divorced in 1967 I moved to North Lincolnshire where I am today…

So, how about some of the old inhabitants names? Like Cornelius Melton – erstwhile bellringer, grave digger & budgerigar breeder. Jarvis Heslam – lay preacher (Methodist) & bricklayer. Septimus Boddy, Fanny Taylor, Billy Wright & Dodie Waldron road sweepers, to name but a few….

When I lived in Scredington, we had a Chapel (the organist was Mrs Armstrong), a primary school (Miss Holderness was the teacher & then Mrs Preissner), a Church (Revd. Footitt), and a public house – “The Bluebell” with Aubrey Dixon being the landlord.

There was a shop run by Miss Brocket & then Mrs Hoskins. A cobbler at Northbeck called Mr Taylor. A blacksmith – Mr Spriggs (who was the victim of murder in the village). A bicycle shop run by Ted Porter and a milkman Jim Porter.

There was a water pump on the village green – which gave lovely water – and no electricity… it was idyllic!!

Many thanks to John ‘Jack’ Speight for his remembrances. June 2014