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Children's ChoirWhat is it?

Helpringham Group Children’s Choir is a singing group for children of 16 and under in the Helpringham and Heckington group of parishes (Heckington, Helpringham, Great Hale, Scredington, Swaton, Burton Pedwardine, Asgarby, and Howell). The purpose of the group is to provide a fun singing experience for children including sacred and secular music. Children will perform at occasional “high days and holidays” services with or alongside the Helpringham Group Choir and/or Heckington Church Choir, and also at other events and concerts in the villages on request. We rehearse on Monday evenings between 5.00 and 5.45pm in term time in Scredington church.

Who runs it?

The group is led by Stephen Weller and Teena Twelves, both of Scredington. Both are members of the Helpringham Group Choir. Stephen is a professional musical theatre actor, and Teena has sung in choirs both secular and sacred since childhood. Both have received full enhanced CRB checks and been approved through Diocesan Safeguarding Children procedures to run the group. In the event of either Stephen or Teena being unable to lead a rehearsal, another second adult will always be present. Any parent willing to be on a list of occasional helpers, please call Teena on 07735 398040.

What does it cost?

There is no cost associated with the choir – we will be teaching the children to sing mainly by ear and using royalty free music, or music purchased from choir funds if required. We hold fundraising events (such as our 1st concert in March 2014) to raise the funds – and we are always glad of your support at such events! We may send out occasional requests for donations of refreshments for after the singing – squash and biscuits and the like.

What about over-16s?

Any child who reaches the age of 16 and has been enjoying the Children’s choir (or any interested parent!) will be encouraged to join the Helpringham Group Choir – in fact, any child who will be able to cope with the repertoire at the Children’s Choir at an earlier age will be encouraged to join, and benefit from the opportunity to take Dean’s and Bishop’s Award singing qualifications through this RSCM affiliated choir.

Contact details:

Teena Twelves, Choir Leader – call or text: 07735 398040 – email:

If you have any questions or concerns you can also contact the Rev. Chris Harrington, Priest in Charge of the Heckington and Helpringham Group, at The Rectory, 10 Cameron Street, Heckington, Sleaford, Tel: 01529 460904.

Keeping you informed

We will produce a termly newsletter which will give you advance information about dates, times and venues for rehearsals, any events planned, and any that are “pencilled in”. We may follow this up with additional letters home during the term to remind or confirm details.


It is not possible for the Group Leaders to transport children to rehearsals or events for insurance reasons, and so we ask that parents and carers make arrangements for children to attend events, either by transporting them themselves, or sharing lifts with other parents.

Concerns and complaints

We hope that coming to the Children’s Choir will be a happy and fulfilling time for all of the children. However, if you have any concerns or complaints about your child’s experience at the Children’s Choir, please discuss it in the first instance with the Group Choir Leaders. If this does not resolve the matter to your satisfaction, please contact Rev. Chris Harrington (see above)

How can I help?

We are keen to involve parents in the Children’s Choir as much as possible and there are many ways that you can support us:

  • By going onto our list of “occasional helpers”
  • By donating biscuits and squash for rehearsal refreshments
  • By offering lifts to rehearsals and events for other children
  • By assisting at events such as concerts (front of house, marshalling etc.)
  • By buying and selling tickets to events and attending concerts and services in support

(Any parent out there with a background in singing who would like to help with the musical side would also be warmly welcomed!

Happiness is…….singing with a smile!