Jun 012016

As harvest approaches there is a need to take precautions and be increasingly vigilant to reduce the risk of deliberate fires. Historically, there have been issues once stacks begin to appear across the county. However, the following measures can be taken to minimise risks:

  • A quick survey around a farm will identify where an arsonist could strike.
  • Stacks should be of a reasonable size and at least 10 metres apart.
  • Removing hay and straw from the field quickly after harvest will take away a potential arson target.
  • It is also essential to maintain firefighting equipment and to prepare a fire routine and action plan for the safety of your family and employees

The Arson Task Force have produced Arson Prevention Leaflets specifically for farmers and these can be downloaded or are readily available on request

For more information, visit the Lincolnshire Fire & Rescue website – www.lincolnshire.gov.uk/lfr

Or contact the Arson Task Forceatf@lincoln.fire-uk.org

Sharon Horne (Police & NHWN, NHW Administrator, Lincolnshire)