Apr 062016

Lincolnshire Police wish to warn residents that there are at this time several vans travelling around the county, at this time specifically the Sleaford Rural area (however this will affect all of the county at some point in the coming months) the occupants of these vehicles are selling machinery such as pressure washers, generators and chainsaws at sometimes bargain prices. We would wish to warn you that if you buy from these people then it really is buyer beware. You will not have any come back on any guarantee and it is highly likely that you will lose out financially. My advice is to refuse to purchase anything from these people and to politely ask them to leave immediately.

The other issue is that whilst these people are visiting your premises and this could be anything from a bus stop to a high rise black of flats they will be looking at what else you have. Please therefore make an effort to secure your property to prevent it being stolen at a later date.

There has today (6/4/16) been a report of a white Mercedes Citan van registration BL64A** being involved in a burglary to a shed on a farm near Ruskington where a chainsaw was stolen.

If you see anything suspicious or are approached by males selling above items please report these to the police on 101 if you are reporting something urgently please ring 999.

PC Martin Green
Sleaford Neighbourhood Policing Team