May 122015
Alzheimer's Society

Alzheimer’s Society

 Dementia charity appeals for volunteers in Sleaford area to help with new service

A charity is appealing for volunteers in the Scredington area to help local people who have been diagnosed with dementia to pursue their favourite hobbies and interests.

Lincolnshire has been chosen as one of the areas for Alzheimer’s Society’s new Side by Side service which will initially be launched in and around Boston, Sleaford and Spalding.

Gary Headland, Alzheimer’s Society Side by Side Manager for Lincolnshire said: ‘We are very keen to hear from anyone who is interested in supporting people with dementia. As a Side by Side volunteer, you would be helping a person with dementia to continue with a favourite hobby or interest, or even try something completely new.

‘This could be anything from walking, visiting historic sites, playing an instrument, joining local groups, going to the cinema, carrying on with a sport or leisure activity, through to just going out for a cup of tea and a chat.

The focus of Side by Side is very much on what the person with dementia wants to do. By enabling people with dementia to stay active and involved in their local community, we can really help to improve their quality of life.

‘We are delighted Lincolnshire has been chosen as one of the areas to set up this exciting new service. Anyone interested in volunteering with us on Side by Side will receive full training and ongoing support to help them in their role.’

If you are interested in helping a person with dementia live a fuller and potentially happier life, and would like more information, please contact Gary Headland, Side by Side Manager for Lincolnshire on 01522 692681 / 07718 322323 or

Here is the link to an article on the relationship between alcoholism and dementia by Ollie Clark. This article also includes an infographic outlining the long-term effects of alcohol on the brain.