Scredington Parish Council

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Scredington Parish Council has been in existence for many years and strives to do the best for its villagers. It consists of five unpaid volunteer Parish councillors: currently the Chairman Richard Johnson, Vice Chairman Alan Pywell, Councillors Karen Sweeney, John Johnson & Stephen Weller, with Adrian Illingworth as Parish Clerk.

The life of a Parish Councillor consists of looking over any planning applications, reading Council circulars (many of which have no relevance to our village), and being there as a port of call to keep Scredington a lovely place to live in. The Parish Council has to decide on the amount of the Precept, an amount we all pay through our council tax, which funds a donation towards the cutting of the Community Centre and playing field grass, servicing of the Church clock, equipment for cutting the Church grass and sometimes the holding of elections, along with other items.

The Parish Council has provided funds for many things over time, including the construction of a new bus shelter with lottery funding, refurbishment of the Parish notice board, and commemorative mugs for some royal occasions, there have been many others in the past.

Four meetings are held each year, usually in October, January, March and May (the May meeting being an ordinary and an AGM). All ordinary meetings start at 7.30pm (the AGM in May starts at 7pm) with a public forum first, where villagers attending can bring to the council’s attention any issues or worries; these are then discussed or passed on to the relevant council departments to be attended to. You are the eyes and ears of the village, so please come to a meeting, or speak to any of the councillors if you want to raise anything.

In the first instance initial contact with the Parish Council is through the clerk Adrian Illingworth – The Old School, 10 Church Lane, Scredington, NG34 0AG; Tel. No 07527 122208;

Scredington Parish Council Minutes, Drafts & Notes*

(*These refer to “notes” taken at Parish Meetings and as such may be subject to change before being signed and becoming “minutes”. Draft minutes may be subject to change and do not become a true record until signed off by Council”)

 Parish Council Meeting Minutes- Jan 2018pdf
 Parish Council Meeting (Notes) – Mar 2017pdf
 Parish Council Meeting – Nov 2016pdf
 Parish Council Meeting – Sep 2016pdf
 Annual Parish Meeting – May 2016pdf
 Annual Parish Council Meeting – May 2016pdf
 District Cllr Kate Cook AGM Report – May 2016pdf
 Parish Council Meeting – Jan 2016pdf
 Parish Council Meeting – Sept 2015pdf
 Parish Council Meeting – May 2015pdf
 Annual Meeting & Reports – May 2015pdf
 Parish Council Meeting – Sep 2014pdf